Woocommerce theme developments install wordpress in localhost tutorial

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You will going to your favorite browser. Then search wordpress download. You will can see download link. It is wardrpess official website link.

Theme development

As you can see in the picture blew,

You need to activate the xampp software. If you do not start xampp the local server will not start.

Now I don’t know much about local services.

What is local server?

Localhost is a network in the own computer. “localhost is host name that refers to me the current commuter used to access it.” It is network run php and mysql language support. The network service that running on the host via the loopback network interface. It software can make virtual server by using the loopback network. In your computer make local server by the XAMPP software.

You can see under a picture. The interface do run local server and after go to explorer.


Then you will go htdocs after you need a folder. We are make a new which is name “Jack”. Our have a wordpress download file. We will do the ZIP file exterd. We will do past exterd file in the jack folder.

Let start database setup. We are going now mysql database, go here http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ url. We can see database interface. The Database beside a new button clicks this button. We are writing our database name and hit create button.

Then we are going to http://localhost/jack this url. We can see,

Site Title: WordPress woocommerce

Username: admin2

Password: admin2

Your Email: admin2@gmail.com

Search Engine Visiblity: check

At last click install wordpress button.

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