Remove background for YouTube Thumbnail and E-commerce product


How to Remove the Background of an Image in Photoshop

We do various things with Photoshop in our daily life. Today we will discuss about the background. Different background can be changed. Let’s talk about the easiest way to change the background.

I will not use more tools, I will use only 2 tools.

Pen tool (P)
Move tool (M)

Pen tool (P) :

The first thing to understand here is the work of the pen tool. The Pen Tool in Photoshop makes paths and you can make shapes and can be duplicated.

Move tool (M):

Move tool is use to move a thing from one place to another. You are after selecting with full background then move tool should be used.

Remove background for YouTube Thumbnail

Remove background for YouTube Thumbnail:

Remove background using images Stock when using images on YouTube channel. Background images do not need to be perfect when using stock. If you are graphic designer then you first learn before making a Thumbnail. Some professional tell, it is very easy to make. If you do small things like this, it will be very easy to learn to remove the background. Hope you understand.

E-commerce web background change for products

E-commerce web background change for products:

There are different types of E-commerce sites in the world. A variety of products are available on these online shopping sites. Most of time two tools are used to change the background of the product this for use pen tool and move tool. First the whole things are mask with the pen tool. Then another page is created. After doing this work, the work of Move tool starts. The whole thing is move from one place to another by the move tool.

Nowadays the background change is more in the case of these two. If you are good at these two things, you can everything and the more you can practices, the more you will be there.

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