One of the Most Common WordPress Errors and How to Fix problem |Troubleshoot & Find The Problem & Repair 2021

How to repair wordpress bug in plugin.

In this tutorial on the show you how to fix some of the common problems that you might run into using WordPress. That troubleshooting problem where you go to something on your website something’s not right and you got to figure out what is you might think. It’s the themes or the page builder or this that but you really don’t know this is also going to help speed up in in your support that, you would get form at these or plug-in provider. So here I am on this websites and met up so excited to make a change to it and update.

Sometime it’s got Elementor it’s got some plug-in on it and I’m sitting here and for some reasons my admin bar completely gone I don’t know what happened. So what I probably do next is I would go into the back end of WordPress I click on pages and then here it is here’s my homepage and I would click on edit with Elementore because I want to jumpin using Elementor to make this check all my cash. Then you get this thing right. Here sorry the content was not found on my web page but the problem is this was working. A few days ago I don’t know that what could have caused it going to deal with that in this tutorial. I know I get all excited about this stuff for you to do that in this tutorial try to give you a way to solve these things now typically what you do is you sit there. You think okay it must Elementor but I gotta tell you most of time when you think. It’s a certain problem with a certain plug-in or a theme. It usually isn’t but I want to show you how to narrow that on down in this tutorial.
Hi, my name is Ibrahim Khan from Remake WordPress tutorial for non-techies if you consider clicking on the subscribe button click on the notification bell for update so let’s go ahead and jump on into. This one with the way it typically works. When you’re running into any kind of problem is you usually reach out to your theme provider because you think it’s you reach out. You and say excuse me I love would love figure this out for but we need access to your website. Then give them access and so there are now two or three days gone. Now they have that and what they essentially need to do is they need the login to your website and go through. This tedious process of disabling all of your plug-in.Then activating them one by one they’ll also put in a different theme and see if it’s the thing that you’re using and they try to use this process of elimination on try determine. What the problem is now even if it’s not there plug-in or theme. They do this for you. You can actually do this your cell phenomena go through how to do this in this tutorial at a faster way of doing. It now just a word of caution you want to have a backup before you. This so just makes a backup of your website up with a link in the tutorial.
The tutorial of on updrafts you want to do before you start. This process now company offers you staging like a staging area. You want to do what were to do in this tutorial in staging area and if by your web hosting provider does not provide that’s okay. I’m going to put another link in the tutorial on how to easily create a staging area. It’s not cost anything is just gonna take a few minutes of your time.
What that’s going to do this can make a backup of your website. A spread area and then you could login there.

You can whatever you want. it does not can affect the main website. Which is the goal because we don’t want to cause more problems? Trying to fix a problem so the person you’re going to want to do is change your theme. The reason we want to do this first is because .IT’s super simple going to process of Elimination on the plug-in is going to take more time for sure. It’s always good to have your ear and extra theme installed on your WordPress website. You can easily and quickly does this by default if it’s a default just click on add new and install any old theme. It does not matter I would stick to one of the WordPress theme so this case will be in 2020. I know right now I don’t have my admin bar. I should have my admin bar I had it yesterday. I don’t have it today. So what you want to do is go ahead and activate a different theme some, so I just activated hoops I just activated in 2020. We know it’s the active thing to go here I’ll go ahead and click on refresh. It’s going to make it look totally different.

But, what the point is I’m trying to see. If my admin bar comes back and it’s didn’t come back. So, what I would do next is! I would go into pages and see, if I can now get into in Elementor try to jump. It’s not let me in either someone go ahead and click on go back. So what I just did is I am

eliminated the possibility of this cause being the theme. Now I know It’s not the theme some to go back and activate the theme. I was using because I want my site to look normal and enough. I go to the front end and do refresher to see nothing broke except. We still have this problem that were dealing with so next what we want to do is install a free plug-In detective now the old way of doing this is we would go in the back end of WordPress we would go to plug-ins. We would have to deactivate all of our plug-ins to see if the problem went away.

It usually does and them you have to activate a plug-in one by one you activate a plug-in. Then you go and do a refresh see if it’s fixed. If it’s still fixed then you keep activating plug-ins until you can see the one that has caused the problem. You’re actually checking to see if it breaks
What we want to do is use plug-in right here, plug and detective which kind of simplifies and mates the deactivating and reactivating and checking of these plug-ins.

For us it’s a free plug-ins and was going to go ahead and use that right now so to save you time to time. So go ahead and do a search for the plug-in. Here it is I’ll just go ahead and install and activate this plugin.

I’m going to show you how to use it okay will check on activate and what you’re going to notice. When you activate you activate it. You have a new admin menu link there that says troubleshoot. And that’s going to activate plug and detective.

So I’m a go the front end and do refresh. So in this case if you had a specific problem on a specific page in you did have your admin bar. I don’t in this case unfortunately what you do is then go to that page click on the troubleshoot here in the back end of Wodpress . It’s a real cute plug-in what this robot. Everything what we want to do id click on open a new case it’s just going to. Now ask us to take to where the problem is and so for me. I have to go to the front end of my website because I don’t have the admin bar. I’m pretty sure that admin bar in the element or going into Elementor is all related some to click on visit sites. It’s can it take me to the front and here.

I don’t have my admin bar so now I am where the problem is so essentially. This is just saying go to where the problem is some I click on. I’m there and now it’s good as shows a list of our plug-ins and is asking us which of these plug-ins are required for the site to function properly so for me. I’m to click on Elementor so you’re typically going to want to click on your main page builder plug-in for this step so I clicked on Elementor. The click on I’m done and so now what it’s for this step so I clicked on Elementor and the click on I’m done and so now what it’s going to do is go through this process of disabling groups activating groups showing us the front. Until we can go through this process of elimination so it’s two together. So first really click on start interrogation. It says here is your site again is the problem fixed I have my admin bar back. So I’m in a click on yes its fixed okay. Then were fixed I have my admin bar back so.

I’m in a click on yes its fixed okay. Then were going to click on start interrogation again it’s asking again is your problem fixed and yes It is I have my admin bar so it is fixed again the number click on start interrogation again. Now it’s is I have my admin bar summa click on yes it’s fixed click on start interrogation again it’s asking me again is the problem fixed.

Yes, it is my click on start interrogation again. It says is your site is your problem fixed now. If you notice my sites broken again I don’t have admin bar summit click know. It’s still broken okay and it says right here culprit found. It was this plug-in right here named ODT relative URLs and so now it’s given me an option right here to have it be deactivated. I’m in click on deactivated for me. It’s is the culprit is found in them to click on return to the WordPress dashboard, what that did as it went through this process of deactivating and activating them in batches in each time. We clicked on to start interrogations again what happened. It was keeping track of that whole thing for you this is a pain in the rear and to do without a tool like this. I know from experience and all the people that you the developer tool are the problem it’s not the problem. In this case you would have through Elementor is a problem. Let me go and bang down Elementor’s door but it turns out it wasn’t such as go verify that websites working so here. I am and here was the no admin Barbar number click on refresh and ½ we have our admin bar back and then right here a minute click on edit with Elementor to see if I can get into Elementor click on edit with Elementor and it looks like. I can get back into Elementor interface which is awesome. Now let me go into the plug-ins section right here of the site and you can see right ODT relative URLs in what is deactivated this plug-in made it super easy to determine that is the plug-in that was causing the problem so now what you would simply go to you did this all in the staging area of your website. You would go back to your main website click on disable a for that plugin-in and you would see the problem is solved in your website is working again and that’s as simple as it is so anyways.

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    […] You can see here’s the new version it’s a draft version so I can change that to contact. For example, I can on update and then if I open this with elementor because I’ve already built this page. It has the exact same contact as the contact page that I duplicated of course. You could just have your old page. Then make the change to this new page very simple it also works with blog posts it also works with custom post types so a super easy and useful plugin. Oh and by the way all of the exact names of the plugins are in this link. You can open the my other tutorial and copy the names and go to your wordpress dashboard. You will can my wordpress errors and how to fix problem troubleshoot find the problem repair tutoria… […]

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