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What is theme or wordpress theme ?

It is common question, what is theme or what is WordPress theme. The websites that we see in our daily life, It’s made by the programming code like Html, Java, Javascript, Python, Css etc. Five to ten years ago a lot of code had to written to build a website. Only the programmers understood these tasks. It process was very expensive. Some companies developed software to get out of this expensive process like WordPress, Jomla, Drupal etc. Suppose your Android phone is WordPress. The launcher you are using on your Mobile launcher is theme. Hope you understand.

Why these theme best theme?

The question many arise why these themes are better than all theme. You can use these themes to create any website without program knowledge. Now let’s talk about 5 popular themes in Themeforest. You can easily create a website with these theme and theses are search engine friendly. These themes are easily rank in search engine.  

Theme name

  • Essential (Free)
  • Avada
  • Sigma (Free)
  • The7
  • Flatsome


This theme is one Page WordPress Theme. These of us who work online need a portfolio website. Your experience will demand when you work in marketplace. It allows you to create many portfolio. This Theme Use for freelancers, Graphic designers, Digital Marketer,  photographers, illustrators, bloggers, digital studios or web agencies.  



It is possible to create any website with Avada theme. This theme can be created on like the E-commerce, blog, Personal, Woo commerce site etc. The Avada dynamic content system elevates flexibility to a new level. Use it in conjunction with Avada’s theme building power, and your layout, content, and designs will transcend any branding requirements you can image. 70+ design elements that give you complete control over the content of your website. Avada theme has 8 layout section elements complete layout creative freedom. Eight layout section elements that give you structural control over the layouts for single posts, portfolio, posts, archives, 404 pages, search pages, and more.



With easy to use theme options the only limits your creativity –change color, fonts and layouts and much more with our simple, yet comprehensive controls. Form the outset, we’ve build Theme with mobile devises in mind -it looks fantastic and is quickly to both tables and phone.



This theme has much facility. Websites with automated 1-click insulation and 48+ Pre-made. This theme has 6 premium plug-in. You will give Deep integration with Woo Commerce. The7 theme has 1000+ options 250+ page option. Every good quality theme have label tool this theme have label tool. You can update life time free.



Build anything with our including easy our incredible easy to use .This theme has customized anything with the live theme option panel and drag & drop header builder. Flatsome has become known for its unique design, made with precision and focus on an intuitive user expensive. That’s why you can trust Flatesome for your site. We’ll always support the latest WordPress and Woo Commerce versions. I am discus top 5 themes. I hope this reader understood. You have any problem you can write comment.

Mr Ibrahim Khan

Hi, I am freelancer. Right now, I working graphic sector. I have Experiences. 1. Logo Design. 2. Banner Design 3. Business Card Design 4. Banner Ads 5. T-Shirts 6. 3D Mock-ups 7. Wordpress 8. SEO 9. Markeating 10. Web Development I always try to make things better. Because praise for a good job is the inspiration for the next job. Thanks

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