7+ Best WordPress plugins for blogs and e-commerce in 2021

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Hey, welcome back to Sattarpro.com, my name is Ibrahim Khan and in today’s. We’re gonna discover the top 10 wparena.com WordPress plug-ins. You need to have on your website. So okay so if you’re new here I built all of my websites with Elementor and Elementor Pro. So that’s not one the plug-ins that’s gonna be in the list but that is the plug-in that you need to have   to build websites. If you’ve never heard of elementor so far then I suggest that you read the two basic tutorial Click here this link.  But elementor is not in this list these are the plugins that I add on top of elementor to make the website run smoothly. So let’s just get with number

10. Yoast SEO

The first plugin that you need to have is rank meth SEO most people know Yoast SEO. Yoast SEO is the number one SEO tool plugin in the world. People that don’t know what is SEO, SEO means Search Engine Optimization with a plugin like that you can optimize your website for google.com. Google doesn’t know how to read your website so with plug-in like that you can tell Google like. This is how my website is structures and then Google is like. All right thank you now now we’re gonna put you on number one well it’s not that easy of course. But the idea so rank math SEO offers much more for free then YOAST SE because SEO because with Joe’s SEO.

 You have to pay for lot of things which are free with ranked math SEO. So for example, if you go to your pages, so let’s go to the go to the about and if you scroll down you can see the preview over here. Here in the same way as we chose you can set up the title for this on google so how do you want to display.

 This page on google so I can click on this title and I can change it for example , I can change the end to portfolio website. If I want to something like that or smoothing completely different, you can also change the description over here even the link so that is super nice. But now where this become more valuable than yours is with the focus keywords. So with yours will only get one keyword but here you can add more keywords then one. This is the main keyword where you want this page to rank for so for me that Reno the boor about because it is the about page for me. Alright and then this plugin also gives you some tips on how to improve your page even more so as you can see my focus keyword is not is my SEO title. SO it’s not in the main title of my page. But believe me it’s very hard to get to a hundred score that’s maybe only possible, when you have a blog a really content heavy website but for simple business websites. Just put in a few focus keywords maybe improve a tip here and there and then you’re done. What’s also awesome ranked math SEO is that it integrates with elementor. So this is a new feature and in this preview you can see how to that works. Actually the settings of rank math SEO are embedded inside of the elementor editor. In this you don’t have to go back. You can just stay on the page make a few edits in elementor click on save. Then that page is also optimized for google.

9. Duplicate Page – WordPress plugin

Number nice is a very simple but essential plugin and it’s called duplicate page and with this simple plugin you can duplicate post pages and custom posts. If you click on active and you go to your pages. For example, you can see that there is now an extra button which is called duplicate this. If you click on duplicate this then this whole will be duplicated, so let’s ust try this for now I’m going to duplicate my contact page. In this way you don’t have to copy all the sections from the other pages.

You can see here’s the new version it’s a draft version so I can change that to contact. For example, I can on update and then if I open this with elementor because I’ve already built this page. It has the exact same contact as the contact page that I duplicated of course. You could just have your old page. Then make the change to this new page very simple it also works with blog posts it also works with custom post types so a super easy and useful plugin. Oh and by the way all of the exact names of the plugins are in this link. You can open the my other tutorial and copy the names and go to your wordpress dashboard. You will can my wordpress errors and how to fix problem troubleshoot find the problem repair tutorial visting there.

If you can’t find them and the next plugin is called post types order also a very simple plugin very useful so for example If you have a webshop with lot of products like I have on this website. So here are a lot of products actually this is not a real webshop .This is how it looks is the webshop of one of my clients but it’s not a real webshop.

Webshop because these products link to other pages, she has a merchandise company, but this client uses this as a webshop. Let’s say she wants to change the order from this to this one. Then what she  I have to do is go into the wordpress editor and you have to open every single one of them and change the time to change the order. That’s a lot of work not a very nice experience so with this plugin. You will get the ability to just change the order by clicking and dragging. So let’s just say that we want these two to be switched so let’s go back it find that. I can grab this and make it on top of the other one like this. If I know go back and click on refresh. You will see that they are switched super easy. You can also do this with blog posts because on some website you have a lot of blog posts. You want to change this is how you do and by the way for this example. I switched to positions because this website is multi-language. So that’s why I switched it to positions. But if you just have a website with one language you just move it to one place and then you’re done.

  • 8. Google XML Sitemaps.

Google XML sitwmaps is a SEO tools. We are known that is a powerful plugin in SEO sector. You can use your website for make a site. Every website need for plugin. I’m always try to my webpage optimize. Google has a boot, he always going every webpage before and after 24 hours. He collects data for new information. If you index your data so your data do index google boot.

7. ManageWP

Img: ManageWP-Logo

The next one is manage WP worker maybe you’ve already saw it in my previous tutorial managed WP is a plugin that lets you manage all of your clients websites with ease so real quick this is the platform that I use to manage all off my clients websites it’s very easy. You can update the plugins from here. You can send reports to to your clients. You can login with having to search for the login details. You can make backups from this system I have a whole tutorial on this plugin which I will link in the next tutorials. But you have a lot of client’s websites. It’s a lot of work if you need to update all the plugin every month. I charge my clients for maintenances if they want me to update their website. So it also makes me a little bit of money but you want to make those experiences as nice as possible for yourself. That’s why I use a platform like this super easy.

6. Antispam Bee

Img: Antispam Bee

The next plugin on this list is called empty spam Bee it’s a very simple. Powerful plugin that keeps most of the spam not all of course because spam is just a very hard thing to do perfect, but this plugin keeps most of the spam out so if you have a contact from your website. You have a few email addresses that are placed on your websites. Like for example on this websites then this plugin will keep most of the spam out. Because contact forms are a great way well actually not great for you but great way for google bots and other people that, you don’t want on your website to get into your website. So you want to protect your website from that. So, Antispam Bee is a great plugin for that. I don’t even understand how it works but it keeps most of it out so that’s why I was always using it. And by the way it’s also very light and keeps your website faster than the other once I’ve used. As you can see the ratings also tell the same story a half a million installs and five stars. You will go my another tutorial like How to make a website in wordpress step by step.

5.iThemes security

Img: ithemes-security

Next plugin on the list also has to do with security and that is your main security plugin for wordpress and I always use I themes Security. Why well previously I used word fence because that is the most used security on wordpress. It’s really good but it makes your website. A little bit slower so .i wants to keep everything smooth and fast.


That way I use this plugin also as you can see almost a million installs and four and a half stars. That is very very very good. It’s very easy to install you will get a few settings over here. But there’s one thing that I want to say is. That is that they will send you a lot of emails if you don’t turn them off. So if you have installed items. You go to notification center. You scroll down and my advices are to turn off this one. Otherwise you will get a lot of emails. Because sometimes  it happens that in one night at 10 people try to break into your website hackers or some or bots. Then they will send you 10 emails and that’s of course not what you want. This plugin does the work for you it keeps people that don’t keep that people that you don’t want on your website. Outside of your websites and that’s all you need so. I would turn these off and then click on Save.

Oh and by the way if you install this plugin you need to check on secure the site. Then you can put this at no otherwise. You will get more emails but I also suggest that. You activate the network brute force protection. Because that means that your website will join a whole network that can detect security issues faster and in that way is a little bit safer.

Img: Plugin faster

Plugin faster

 So I always activate this. And I also want to redirect to https and as you can see now it’s perfect don’t click on this button because then it’s gonna run again click on close and the you’re done installing the next one the list is elementor .

4. Elementor custom skin

best wordpress list plugin

Elementor custom skin is the next step to make your website a little bit more custom. For example on my client’s website I have a custom page here. He has a magazine business. So he has a lot of magazine that. He wants to show but with elementor pro itself you can only display the default post widget what is very limited. I wanted something custom so this is a custom design it’s just. An image a title and actually one word of text but it’s hard to create a custom design like this or also, what I did on this shop page. Like I said this is not built with woocommerce this is custom design. So what I I did is create one of these blocks that what you can do with elementor custom skin. Then you can just use the elementor Pro psot widget to display custom dynamic content. I do understand for beginners this is not very easy to understand. I think I’m that going to make a tutorial about it you know I will make a tutorial about it.

 Because it’s a complicated subject but want to display custom list which is something that. You will run into when you’re gonna work with clients in the website, become a little bit more custom then elementor custom skin is the way to go. So again you create one of these blocks. Then you use the elemintor Pro both widget to display a grid with a custom post and actually call this a loop ar a block like this. They call these loops so you create. One loop and then you can display a custom list like that. So, that’s also a plugin that, I almost always use and the next plugin on the list is also one that you need. If want to have those customs lists. Because as you can see in the sidebar over here. I have this magazines tab and these districts tab. That is not default by wordpress. So you can create a custom pots type. So what is actually is its just custom to display blog posts. Because, that’s how wordpress works, so you can create one of these blocks with this plugin called custom Post type UI. Again I will make a tutorial about if you don’t understand why this is valuable. But by default you can only display dynamic Content with posts. wordpress is a blog platform. So what I want you to I want you to understand is that these things are actually blog Posts. That why they’re called custom post types. Because, a post is a blog post so it’s a different type a custom type of a blog post that is what this is and then you display that in a grid. so to create something like this will need custom post type UI. Then you can have your own list for example of magazines or districts or whatever you want. My client’s add a new magazine, if he wants to super easy.

3. Google Analytics

 The next plugin on the list is called Google analytics dashboard for WP by exact matrix. I already showed this plugin in my other tutorial called how to deliver a website to a client. Because people liked the old version better, but it’s still pretty decent. So if you have this installed and you have Google. You will get a small preview of your Google analytics on your dashboard.  Which you can drag up because sometimes it’s down here, you can drag that up just by clicking and dragging like

google analytics-graph

This it’s just a little preview of your analytics so as you can see yesterday. I had 164 people on my website actually session so that is not people. You can see the page views over here; actually yesterday I had pretty good day. So it’s just a little preview and then if you want to get more data from Google analytics. You just go to analytics.google.com. If you don’t know how to set that up you can check my how to deliver a website to a client a tutorial in the website. because, there I will show how to set this up and the last plugin.

2. Order Tracking


Order tracking is plugin designed to help business contact with their customer by delivering temely information about, when goods and services will be received. The pluin has a simple responsive interface that looks great on all devices and can be customized perfectly for whatever business you’re in there are options to automatically send an email to the customer. Whenever their order is updated to protect order by requiring customers to enter their email address before they can view order details, and to select exactly what information is display for an order.

There’s even a customer note section that can enabled in case the customer has any last-munite special requests for their order Premium options include the ability to let customers pay for their order online and Woocommerce integration to automatically import orders into the plugin. There are also custom fields that can be tailored specifically to your industry. And many advanced styling options that let you make the plugin look exactly right for your business the plugin has premium customer and sales rep features which let you group orders for specific customers and allow your sales reps to manage only their own orders. Custom fields can also be created for either customers or sales reps. Finally the plugin also has premium customer order short code that lets visitors create their own orders. The orders can then be paid for online or updated by the site administrator through the admin panel. The plugin can be downloading in wordpress plugin store.

1.reSmush.it Imgae Optimizer

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Then last plugin on this list is called resmush.it image optimizer. Actually this is the whole name it’s a very complicated name but if you just type this in you’re going to find it. What it essentially is just an image optimizer so every time you upload a new image, It will automatically be compressed. Which is what you want because a lot of times. Your images can be more optimized which means a faster website. I already saved 26 megabytes of space with this plug-in. You can set this up by default it’s at 90. I put this one at 60 because want more compression. Because I want my website to be fast, I’ve made decision because my website is very visually heavy. That means that my website is a little bit slower so I want to keep it. As fast as possible that’s why I’ve put it from 90 to 60. You don’t want to put it too low otherwise. The quality images will go down but at least the images will stay fast. Also don’t upload images that are too big my suggestion always is to upload images. That is maximum 2000 pixels wide, because most screens are around that size maybe 3000 as max. But you don’t want to upload the photes straight from your camera or from your Iphone so that’s what I suggest when you upload Images. You will learn your wordpress media library not showing images my problem related tutorial.


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