8 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Designer

8 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Designer
8 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Designer

Chrome Extensions are small app that customizes the browsing experience. There are used for very simple tasks. Today we will discuss 8 essential google chrome extenuations for graphic designer and web developer.

The names of the extensions are given blew,

  1. Colorpick Eydropper
  2. Lightshot ( screenshot tool )
  3. Piktab               
  4. Muzli 2
  5. Detox
  6. Full Page Screen Capture
  7. Google Translate
  8. Linguix Grammar and Spell Checker
Colorpick Eydropper

Colorpick Eydropper:

Lest’s start with the Colorpick Eyedropper fast.. The name of this thing shows what is done by it. The question many arise as to how this tool works. First, click Colorpick Eydropper tool. Then click you add to chrome, than wait few minute. Notice is icon on the right please clicking here this icon.


Lightshot (screenshot):

Lightshow is one of the most important tools in daily life. This tool is used daily by a web developer.  This allows you to take screenshots. Click on the light short (screenshot tool) then click on adds to chrome. You can see right bar a extraction icon. Then you use this tool. I hope you understand.



Piktab is a chrome extraction. It’s half for graphic designer and web designer. You are clicking Add to Chrome then you will go a web page. It page browse this and free download resource like Flyer, Poster, Logo etc. It’s very help by web designer and graphic designer.

Muzli 2

Muzli 2

It is a designer and web developer secrete web site. It is help for every sector developer. You can use this site and make your projects. Many web developer use this site and collects huge recourse for her clients. I hope you use this website. I am graphic designer and web app developer. Every day I do use this site. Most of the graphic designers use this site.

Social Detox

Detox / Social Detox

This extraction helps for every Facebook adaptor. You are use Chrome Extenuation Detox you will get seen only design replete post. People who are addicted to Facebook use it. You will can focuses on work. And the buyer can do the work on time. This way you can work very fast.

 Full Page Screen Capture

 Full Page Screen Capture

If you are a web developer then this is for you. This allows you to take a screenshot of take a screenshot of the entire website. You are a web developer this tool need your. It is very use web Designer and graphic designer. I feel very comfortable using it. You can use Full Page Screen Capture for your next project.

Google Translate

Goolgle Translate:

We are browse lot of website for much recourse in our daily life. There is different type of language in different websites. So new do not understand the language of the website. Google has created an extenuation to solve this problem. It can be found on Chromes Web store. You are able to understand any type of language on the web.

Linguix Grammar and Spell Checker

Linguix Grammar and Spell Checker

Most web developer(WordPress theme) doesn’t know grammar very well. They make a lot of mistakes in grammar and spelling.  Their work is not approved in many market places due to misspellings. The rezone is the loss of many designers. There is an extension to solve this problem.

These eight extenuations are very much needed by a web developer and a graphic designer. Using these, it is very easy to work in the marketplace. Stay well and keep well.

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